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The beauty and mysteriousness of this lady are well-renowned in every kingdom. Legends are composed about her icy powers. Nothing will stop her - whether it’s walls or crowds of soldiers. Cold is her forte.


Hammer and shield, rage and power, retribution and protection - all facets of the talent of this Hero will definitely resurface even in the most fierce battle.


Darkness thickens over your opponents. Warlock will curse the enemy base and provide a significant advantage even for a small group!


Iron will and steel armor - this is what will bring peace to these lands! And shining plate and smile from behind the visor will not leave any lady indifferent!


Under the cloak of shadows, this hero will break right into the heart of the enemy base. Let the enemy think that your strengths depleted - the Rogue will be sure to surprise them with a powerful blow!


Smart, agile, graceful and beautiful. A true huntress, she will destroy the enemy base and inspire your troops for combat feats!

Embrace the simplicity: all battles are simple, and yet each battle is unique.
Imagine the possibilities: upgrade your buildings and armies, set up an ideal defense and come up with an effective attack!
Epic heroes: train your own Warlock, Warrior and other heroes who will help you conquer the world with powerful magic spells and lethal swords. It’s them who will lead your army to the bloody battles and be the key to victory over the most vicious invaders.
Guild wars: create alliances of players united under common flags. Make cooperative plans to overwhelm your enemies, take part in tournaments, start joint construction of guild defensive buildings and participate in guild raids. Earn rewards for your guild’s joint operations, help others and receive support from players from all over the world!
Eye candy: enjoy bright and colorful high-quality HD graphics!
Smite other players: crush your enemies or take revenge on your oppressors!